Uber Halloween Promo $40/hr guaranteed during peak hours

Email from Uber

Congrats! You’re approved to make $40/hr guaranteed for driving during peak hours this weekend

You’ve been approved for this weekend’s Halloween guarantee. Earn $40/hr guaranteed for driving during peak hours on Halloween weekend- don’t miss out!

Halloween weekend peak times:
Thursday 8pm-12am
Friday 5pm-2am
Saturday 5pm-2am

Reward Details:
•Must be online at least 6 hours during the guaranteed periods above
•Must complete at least 1 trip per hour on average during peak times
•Must complete at least 85% of trips in San Francisco City
•Must accept at least 85% of requests
$40 guarantee is gross fares (before Uber applies its commission)

Is that misleading or what $40 guaranteed before our cut? = $30 Hr 

Uber takes 25% from new drives like me this is not fair. Just noticed that part I’ll try it anyway should make $40+ with the surge pricing. I’ll let you know how it works out.

I’ll give a shot and will be driving in the city this weekend. Should be interesting I post photos and let you know how it works out.

Driving in San Francisco is busy you get pinged just minutes after dropping a passenger off and the pick up is close. Only problem you have to drive slow not good when you get paid by the mile but surge pricing makes up for it

I recently started to drive for UBER

This is my Second week driving for UBER 1st week I had 1 good day and 2 ok days and 1 day where I did not make much for driving for 7 hours. I amdriving part time to make some extra cash to payoff debts

I will post more about my fist week in my next post. Creating a blog to share my experience with others and generate another revenue stream. I drive in the San Francisco Bay Area  San Jose and Oakland.

You never now where you are going until you pick up your rider.

Good luck drivers